About our company

We are a UK based company located in England East Grinstead.

Our goal to introduce and make widely known Paulownia tree and its potentials in Europe and provide quality saplings for our customers. We choose for our trade Paulownia Shan Tong as this Paulownia hybrid has proved its excellence on the long range from its birth in 1984 and on. We are not only a company which trades but our higher long term purposes consist of through Paulownia tree the environmental and economical enhancement of this region. We work on creating a community also that is aware of the environmental problems we have to face in our modern age and to offer solutions for those problems.

Our distributors:
Actual 4U Ltd, East Grinstead, UK
CSÁSZÁRFA.HU Kft, Budapest, Hungary

If you have any question feel free to contact us via our
contact form and we are more than happy to answer.